Visitors Guide

Visitors Guide to Glastonbury

In this section we have tried to collate all the information that may be helpful to visitors to Glastonbury, ranging from how to get here to what to see when you arrive. We have also included some local history and links to the work of local photographers.

Tors Tour of the Tor

‘Tor’s Tour of the Tor’ offers Glastonbury tours, Stonehenge tours, and Avebury tours for individuals, families and groups; Tor also runs sacred tours to Cornwall and Scotland. He shares well-researched myths, legends and history and gives all a fun and adventurous journey. Visit his website or email or call
Tel: +44 (0) 1458 899428
Mobile: +44 (0) 7813 156784

Divine Light Tours

Based in Glastonbury for over twenty years, DLT is a family operated sacred site tour company, specialising in transformational journeys. Catering to individuals and groups, DLT arranges a bespoke experience for pilgrims seeking a meaningful encounter. Working with the spiritual as well as the mythical and historical, John Flanagan is a psychic, metaphysician, and healer who has a special ability to tune into the deepest soul needs, making this an unforgettable, often life-changing experience. He utilizes the natural energy centres and ancient wisdom of the sites to facilitate positive change and forward movement....and it’s a whole lotta fun as well!
+44 (0) 1458 835 909 ***** +44 (0) 7796907710 *****

Visitors Guide to Glastonbury

Getting to Glastonbury
Information about, and links to, the various means of travel in our area. We have also included some useful tips about the best methods of making various journeys to and from Glastonbury.

Glastonbury has more than its fair share of attractions and there is something to interest most tastes. We have tried to list all the main attractions in and around town but if we have missed any please let us know.

A listing of local Glastonbury museums and links to museums in the wider area.

Countryside & Nature Reserves
Glastonbury is surrounded by beautiful countryside and several nature reserves. Find out more in this section.

Reputed to be the site of the first Christian Church in Britain and the Camelot of King Arthur. Further back in time were the Lake Village dwellers. Links to various other sites about the history of Glastonbury.

Due to Copyright restrictions we are unable to reproduce an accurate map of Glastonbury. But there are links to other sites that can. Also info about Ley-Line maps and the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Links to local companies providing tours of Glastonbury and other places on interest in the South West. Also links to virtual tours of Glastonbury.

Glastonbury has inspired many photographers and here we have collected links to several websites where you can browse around. Please observe any copyright restricitions.

Glastonbury has an incredibly large number of websites for such a small town. Here we attempt to list those that provide general information about the area.

Visiting Glastonbury

Info and tips for visitors & pilgrims. This offers an introduction to visiting and then passes you on to listings and information sites where you can find out all you need to know.

Tourist Information Centre

Further information may be available from the Tourist Information Centre

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